Benefits for the Government

  1. Our solution can save 114 Trillion Liters of water(4027 TMC) and 1,71,196 Lakh Units of Electricity(17,119.6 GWh) which costs approximately 6891 Cr
  1. Monitor volume of water pumped for irrigation in a season/in a year.
  2. Remotely monitor pumpu/motor operations.
  3. Monitor avrage pump usage hours per day and per season.
  4. Monitor ground water depleation and recharge rate.
  5. Monitor electrical power conditions in the fields.
  6. Collect any data across the year/season/month etc..
  7. Collect data across locations and map them district wise, state wise etc..
  8. View historical data season wise, district wise etc..

Benefits for Environment/Society

  1. Ground water conservation.
  2. Lowering carbon footprint due to reduced energy consumption
  3. Prevention of Fertilizer run-off and Soil erosion
  4. Creation of Rural Entrepreneurs/Employment through Dealerships and Service centers